AEF Global was created in 1997 and the brand of gardening products Bioprotec was created in 2004 with Bioprotec ECO, a biological agent against caterpillar. Then, the need for ecological gardening products was quickly perceived. Since then, the development product team has identified and developed new active ingredient in order to market a range of eco-responsible solutions for home gardeners.

The objective is simple: To offer ecological products for the maintenance and the protection of plants that are at the same time efficient, easy to use and affordable for amateur gardeners.

This led to the elaboration of a complete line of integrated management products that now includes insecticides, fungicides, bactericides, herbicides and beneficial insects. Bioprotec distinguishes itself with its many biopesticides registered in Canada.

To date, the Bioprotec line includes more than thirty domestic products distributed in many garden centers, hardware stores across Canada and in big Canadian chains.

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